Patrons of Bar at Center of Internet/Social Media Universe, Tom and Jerry’s: Told to “STFU” by Neighbors


Have you heard of New York’s infamous bar, Tom and Jerry’s? It’s on Houston and Elizabeth, right near the heart of NoHo, a stone’s throw from the Bowery. At some point, everyone who works in media, social media, or “cool kids club” tech start-ups in New York City decided to populate it, so much so that it got its very own New York Times profile about the “digerati” who drink there. And apparently, when these people are not checking in on Foursquare or Tweeting about how wasted [Clay Shirky/John Carney/Etc.] is, they’re refusing to shut the fuck up.

Via EV Grieve, last month a sign went up, apparently, warning T & J’s patrons to be quiet because someone was having trouble sleeping! This sign was very funny and for the most part quite astute:

And now, another sign has gone up, presumably from the proprietors of Tom and Jerry’s, requesting that Tom and Jerry’s patrons — in the words of Beyonce — move it to the left, to the left. Maybe even all the way onto Houston!

[Full Disclosure: I’ve been to Tom and Jerry’s and I try to avoid doing so more than once every three months, because I start to feel my brain bleed if I don’t. Like, I can actually feel it bleeding, I don’t even need to know that it’s happening for a fact, I just know. Thankfully, for Tom and Jerry’s neighbors, most of these people are letting Destination Bar (13th and A) take them off their hands, so there’s that. That said, the next time one of these kids keeps you up, Anonymous-Funny-Sign-Maker, you should march downstairs in your PJs, walk out the door, and “check” your fist “in” at somebody’s face, and then, when they’re laid out on the curb, kindly inform them that they’ve received the “Talk Loud Now, Motherfucker, I Dare You” badge.]