Pet-Sitting 11-Year-Old May Be the Perfect Man


He’s an entrepreneur, he loves pets, he lives in Carroll Gardens, and he earns enough to comfortably afford an iPad. Too good to be true, right? Yes, yes, of course.

He lives with his parents and only has a fifth-grade education, oh, and he’s 11 years old. Business-savvy, animal-loving kid Sean Dewhurst is making a decent chunk of pocket change with his new business, which he calls Sean’s Pet-Sitting Service. He’s earned $750 so far, $500 of which he used to buy an iPad, according to the New York Times, and he’s currently accepting new clients, advertising his business on fliers with his e-mail address.

Dewhurst’s first gig was cat-sitting, and even though the cat threw up on his initial visit, he cleaned it up and stuck with the business. That’s dedication. Dewhurst also told the Times he’s had difficult times opening people’s doors, but he’s getting better at that (aw!). If you live in Carroll Gardens, his prices are fairly reasonable: “If I feed a cat once a day, and change the litter and do fresh water, it’s $8. If they want me to do it twice a day, the same thing, it’s $6 for each visit. For dogs, for a 15-minute walk, it’s $8,” he says.

This kid is adorable and so motivated! Does he have an older brother?