Runnin’ Scared Dept. of Lost and Found: Mystery of Lost Rubber Duckie Street Art Persists With New Signage


Remember when we first showed you the street art sign regarding someone’s lost rubber duck? Or we when we showed you a follow-up by a separate party claiming to have found that duck (which really only lead to a rubber duck fetishist of some kind)? Well, there’s been a new development, it appears.

Someone has yet again posted a sign on that same mailbox outside of our office claiming that their duck from the original sign is still missing. Not only that, but they left the “Found” sign up instead of tearing it down, as if to suggest a refutation of some sort! Observe:

And all three signs together, now:

There are three possible explanations one could theoretically suss out from this latest sign in our series of Lost Duck street art.

1. Someone out there is having a particularly intense existential crisis.
2. Someone out there actually has a lost rubber duck they’re quite concerned with.
3. Someone is a street artist who’s trying to be subversive but is really exhibiting their overabundance of spare time quite well.

Whatever it is, I’m finding this quite enjoyable, and would be comfortable with two out of the three possible outcomes here:

1. Someone out there reveals what the signs “mean.”
2. The “meaning” of the signs are never revealed, and yet another unsolved mystery of the universe and the nature of the meaning of art as sometimes something one simply can’t articulate persists.

Or the most tragic outcome:

3. This is a viral marketing campaign of some kind.

In the mean time, if anyone finds this person’s STILL LOST DUCK, I have no idea who to put you in contact with, but give us a shout, we’ll see if we can’t somehow find it’s owner, who by now is clearly watching and reading this here website and is now basically just fucking with me, and really, to be honest, I’m kind of enjoying it.