The Best and Worst Ideas for the Vuvuzela, Baritone Instrument of Infuriation


Each week in Best and Worst we’ll bring you the Internet’s finest and most devastating takes on something that is — or is on its devious way to becoming — a cultural phenomenon. What viral video shows its most hilarious (or horrible) aspects? Which Photoshopped or actual creation does it justice….or will lead to imminent disaster? Join us for our journey. Today, we take on the vuvuzela.

The word itself is entrancing, vuuuuvuuuzeeelaaa, so many vowels; the way it purses your lips and rolls off your tongue makes you feel like you’re speaking a romantic language. And the semi-official noisemaker of the World Cup has definitely become a “global trend” in the last few weeks. But its sound is annoying enough to incite homicide. How can something so lovely on one hand be so terrible on the other?

Without further contemplative chatter, here is the worst idea involving a vuvuzela, chosen because of the surprise (and much deserved) ending.

Since the terms “best idea” and “vuvuzela” are typically not used in the same sentence, we’ve stretched “best” to mean “thriftiest and most inventive.” With that, our reasons for selecting this invention become obvious — additionally, it’s a more efficient way to punish BP bigwigs. This photo comes from, which is truly worth hours of your time.

If you come across any other horrendous or surprisingly genius vuvuzela ideas (we know they’re out there), share them.