The Missed Connections of Pride: A Breeding Ground for Love?


The L-train isn’t the only place where love’s labor makes its long-lost way onto Craigslist’s Missed Connections. New York City Pride, the LGBT community’s July Halloween Parade in which everyone dresses up as Rainbow Bright, took place this past Sunday, causing many a proud parader to lose eye contact with a potential lover (possibly, literally) floating by. Fortunately, the guys at compiled a roundup of some of Pride’s best missed connections, and we decided to follow up with some of the hopeful advertisers to see if any of their Pride Parade missives materialized.

1. Pride Parade Pass Out – m4m – 27 (Chelsea)
“Hi, Saw you passed out in the street during the parade, thought you were cute. Maybe drink a little less next time? I wrote a website on your chest. Write me back with the name of the website.”

We’ve never found the gape-mouthed, passed-out look to be the most attractive, but this Craigslist poster must have seen a glimmer in this Pride participant’s drooling unconsciousness. But how long is he willing to wait?
“I plan on waiting until my heart can wait no more,” he said, “or until the 7 days when the ad expires.”

2. I just saw you 7:15 A train. U: black gown… 🙂 – m4m (Inwood / Wash Hts)

Just got off the subway ahead of you. A line. 145th Street stop. You: just at the pride parade and wearing black. All black. I could go further into it but I would think you would know. Eye makeup – short dark hair, great lips, great eyes, great legs (or what I could see), shoes off, sitting on the seat next to you while you slept. You probably had a long day which is kind of why I didn’t say anything when we exited, I looked back as you hit the top of the stairs, you waved, and I smiled and waved back. Thought you were right behind me and when I decided to turn and say something you weren’t there. So you went south or west of 145th street stop on the A train and I didn’t…. LOL So I doubt you still have on what you were wearing when I saw you but put your panties back on and nothing else and email me now. Then we can move on from there and I can tell you what else daddy wants you to do…
GWM [gay white male] and you are the same, younger, not likely dressing fulltime like you were today, and not looking for that but I thought you were sexy and I can’t stop thinking about how I lost my chance. If you are oddly reading this and not already sleeping it off email me and let’s discuss…

The tone of this ad is, um, sultry, and, um, quite specific, indeed, but when we followed up with the poster he said, “I think the connection will be lost at that point. It likely was very much my mindset at that moment and the same for that person. And I think the guy is really ‘out of my league’ so to speak!”
Would he respond to other replies to the ad? “I probably wouldn’t respond to other replies because they would likely be fishing for a connection, and my connection was a very specific person that I would know when I see again.”

3. Pride parade: “we cook better than your wives…” – m4m – (West Village)

“I was walking in the Parade holding a funny sign; thought we had a moment…you had your shirt off, wearing black shorts, you have brown hair, and you’re ripped 🙂 i couldn’t stop smiling at you, thought i got one back. if you remember me and my sign, send me a message.”

A picture! How could the intended recipient miss this one?
“You have been the only response I have gotten back,” said the poster-wielding advertiser, “it would seem I need to look else where for Mr. Right.” Well, that persuasive magic-markered poster is certain to work in his favor at some point, if not for the intended recipient.

4. At Eastern Bloc, sculpture and sparks, Pride Sunday – m4m – 31 (East Village)
This is not a missed connection per se
But a missive to the universe, I suppose
For we exchanged names and I gave you my number
After you kissed my hand, causing me to shiver
First I saw you sans T-shirt in suspenders
Then as you proceeded to chop at the sleeves
Your eyes held me, close, closer than an embrace
I caressed you without saying please…
We bonded over art, or was it some wayward remark?
I loved your friends turban, but more your spark
Would love to hear from you, am kicking myself
For not getting your number, but at least I gave mine
Did not realize that I would go to bed then
Thinking of your lips on my hand
Or the sudden weirdness in my heart
So this message is to you, to the space out there
A hope that you felt it too….
And will respond to the call… with one of your own.
— Sunday of Pride…

Ok, this missive to the universe is intriguing to say the least. One would think that such an involved advertisement would be a one-time thing, however, the poster told us, “This is the second time a missed connections ad of mine has earned a reply from an interviewer!” But what of the intended recipient?
“I gave my number out to the guy in question but am still holding out hope for a direct phone call.”

5. YOU GAVE ME A TUTU TO MATCH MY SHIRT – w4w – 19 (West Village)
i was having the worst day of my life…..even though pride is a great day and i was leaning on the police barricade right outside the 1 train Christopher Street station and you asked if i felt “under-dressed” and gave me a tutu i was way to shy to even try to talk to you but you really made my day…… if you happen to come across this please send a reply because i would really like to get to know you……………………..

An easy Missed Connections classic – first she completed her outfit; next, her heart! Unfortunately, the advertiser told us, “I’ve had responses from people saying that they thought it was cute. As far as waiting for her, if she does happen to see it and reply, however unlikely that may be, I would love to just hang out.”

It seems that most of these advertisers are hopeful yet realistic, and though most Craigslist’s Missed Connections go unrequited, it’s nice to see there are those that’ll still give it a shot — if only for the media attention.