Download: Big Boi Mixtape For Dummies And The Rammellzee Tribute Elegy for a Gothic Futurist


Between these, your BBQ playlist is covered: Big Boi’s self-released offering (available here) is fairly self-explanatory and pretty stupendous; this blog-born Rammellzee mix, though, is equally essential for anyone looking to explore the dearly departed NYC hip-hop icon’s back catalog beyond the (fairly) well-known “Beat Bop.” It’s accompanied by a fine essay/appreciation touting Ram as a crucial sci-fi hip-hop pioneer:

Kool Keith, K-The-I???, DJ Spooky, Killah Priest, Sir Menelik, Buck 65, Company Flow, Cannibal Ox, Super Chron Flight Brothers, Madlib, Lil B, Lil Wayne, all Anticon and Def Jux artists, and anyone who ever rapped about outer space, extreme/supreme mathematics, alien autopsies, Egyptian mythology, or any other kind of weird insane cryptic type shit, or rapped in highly coded messages of fractured language, all these people owe Rammellzee ten million dollars. Because he invented that shit in Nine. Teen. Eighty. Three.

Two fine Americans to celebrate on the Fourth. Have fun.