Eater National’s Joshua David Stein, Others Weigh In on Ozerskygate


Since Robert Sietsema’s open letter to Josh Ozersky and Ozersky’s subsequent “clarification” appended to the article in question, there have been several stories and responses on the subject of food journalists getting stuff for free, and then writing about it.

Julia Moskin took a look at the big picture, writing that the giving and getting of comped meals is an increasingly common practice. Corby Kummer took out the wet noodle and essentially said, “Eh. The kid’s OK.” And now Joshua David Stein jumps in on the action at Eater, basically saying that food writers are mad because we’re all on the make, but Ozersky is just the loudest about it.

People hate Ozerksy for the heat he brought on them. He’s the kid bragging so loudly about last night’s party at the Michelson house that a teacher overheard and now we’re all going to be grounded. And you just want to put some soap in a sock and smack him, but that doesn’t change the fact we were all at that party.

That’s pretty funny and probably somewhat true, but it doesn’t apply in the case of Robert’s initial letter; the Voice pays for our meals.