Gays Are Still Second-Class Citizens


An e-mail from a reader named Tony Macy-Perez commended me for talking straight about gay issues and pointing out how LGBTs are often applauded yet sent to the back of the bus at the same time.

And he had some thoughts of his own:

“I see it all around me and it infuriates me. The way TV Guide does not have Logo on its channel grid. Marvel Comics putting an adults-only label on its book, The Rawhide Kid, because the main character is gay.

“(Wonder how out of all their western characters they picked that one to be the gay one. Someone at Marvel Comics has a pretty interesting dungeon, I would think.)

“Fox recently aired Rent and decided to cut the two gay references in the song ‘La Vie Boheme.’ Why those same sex kisses and not the other ones is beyond me, although if they tried to eliminate the gayness in that film they would end up with the junkie and the rock star.

“Gay characters are still being neutered on television all the time, from Will and Just Jack to the gay couple on Wisteria Lane. (Both shows written and produced by out gay men)

“I feel like we have become a sort of minstrel show. It’s okay if we are there supplying bitchy, witty lines, but don’t show anything that might ruffle conservative feathers. As long as we are de-sexualized, it is okay. Because people accept it.

“As long as people feel that we cannot be introduced to grandma at the family reunion dinner, we won’t be seen as equals, with the same rights as everybody else.”

Bravo, Tony. With those observations, you’ve earned a luxury seat at the head of the bus.