Has Lady Gaga Finally Gone Too Far?


That’s the title of this story detailing the way Lady Gaga seems more desperate to shock nowadays now that her music hasn’t evolved enough and her public antics have gotten more needy.

I’m quoted saying that Gaga was better off when there was a divide between her onstage behavior and her offstage one — it made her more textured and interesting — but I end the article by saying that, despite this, she’s about as peaked as the Twilight series.

Her stuff still gets huge buzz, she continues to be a self-made force of nature, and the need to declare her passe only comes from the public’s (and media’s) dark desire to knock icons off their throne after five (used to be 15) minutes.

You haven’t really made it till the backlash starts setting in big-time.

Congrats, Gaga.