If You Don’t Have Any Plans for the Fourth, Someone Could Use a Lunch Date at Ko


While getting a seat at Ko may not be quite as difficult as it was when the restaurant first opened, the reservation system is still enough of a pain in the ass that it’s causing people to appeal to strangers over Craigslist.

Such is the plight of the poster whose date apparently canceled on their planned afternoon of culinary fireworks, scheduled, appropriately, for the Fourth. Hence the following appeal:

I have an impossible-to-get reservation at Momofoku Ko for Sunday, July 4th at 12:40 pm. Unfortunately, I made a reservation for two people and I’ll only need one spot. Their draconian reservation system would require me to cancel the whole damn thing instead of cancelling a single spot. Sooo, if anyone’s interested in taking the second seat, please contact me. I am not offering to buy anyone lunch. If we don’t like one another, there’s no need to actually talk. It’s just another seat at the bar. That being said, I’m pretty friendly and a shameless foodie. Any interested party should know that lunch is multi-course, generally requires about 3 hours, and costs $175 per person.

Among other things, this has to be one of the most appetizing “activity partners” listings in Craigslist’s history.