Jaycee Dugard’s $20 Million Settlement Takes Into Account “Unique Circumstances”


The California Legislature has determined the price for being held captive for 18 years “as a virtual sex slave” (i.e., repeatedly raped, impregnated, having to tell your daughters you’re their sister, living in the backyard): Jaycee Dugard, now 30, was awarded $20 million for her claim that the state hadn’t properly monitored her convicted sex offender captor, Phillip Garrido.

Contributing to the “huge” settlement (so described by the chief consultant with the Assembly Appropriations Committee, Geoff Long) were the circumstances surrounding the nearly two-decade-long incident. “I don’t recall any cases where three young women have been held in a shed,” he said.

Just to put things in perspective, Elin Woods is reportedly getting some $750 million for being married to Tiger for almost six years, and he let her live in the house and everything.