Jelly NYC Bans Salvia, “Sex Lube” From the Newly Announced 2010 Pool Parties


It does not compare to last year’s graphic, in which the organizers of Jelly NYC’s free summer concert series banned purple Uggs, snakes, throwing stars, and grenades, but we reserve a special place in our hearts for the annual release of the list of theoretically prohibited items at the Williamsburg Waterfront. On this year’s roster of contraband for the newly announced 2010 roster? Wayfarers (bold), salvia (sensible), Pies ‘N Thighs (hilarious), and sunscreen (highly impractical, sadistic, confusing). In a novel gesture, they’ve tacked on a list of “Brings” as well: “Ghetto Loony Tunes” (?), your family (??), and glowsticks, which actualizes the latent hippy/raver vibe a little bit too much for us, but whatever. Leave ’em home for the Cap’n Jazz show and you can do whatever you want after that.