Mel Gibson’s Quotable Wisdom: The Flow Chart


Hey! Remember that time yesterday when Radar Online released the news of tapes with audio of Academy Award-winning director, producer, and What Women Want actor Mel Gibson spewing racist, misogynist invective at the mother of his lovechild? We certainly do. And we also promised that we’d get to work on a flowchart of this thing. So, without further ado, do you want an easy, beautiful way to know all the awful things Mel Gibson said?

Presenting The Mel Gibson Quoteable Wisdom Flow Chart. Click to enlarge! And if your computer doesn’t work, try not to blame it on The Jews. Have fun!

Hysterically, Fox News thinks Mel Gibson’s words could be construed as terrorism! They’re wrong, because it’s Fox News, and they think everyone’s a terrorist except for Glenn Beck. The truth is simply that Mel Gibson has proven time and time again that he’s basically a terrible person, and there’s really not much more to it.