New York Times Emerges Victorious in Newspaper War … of Getting Stolen


The Great War of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal rages on as absurdly over-compensatory advertisements continue to be placed around New York, and, uh, that’s it. Except for this, with which the New York Times gets to declare victory over the Wall Street Journal!

Apparently, people like to steal the New York Times more than they do the Wall Street Journal. Someone was going to a Starbucks on the Upper West Side, taking all the copies of the New York Times, and peacing out. Via Westside Independent:

A few months ago, a thief began ducking into the Starbucks at 73rd Street and Columbus Avenue and swiping every single copy of the New York Times from a rack near the door. The Journal, placed just below the Times on the rack, never got touched, despite its new Greater New York section meant to appeal to the kinds of Manhattanites who frequent Starbucks.

Sounds kind of like … a Wall Street Journal “marketing” strategy? NO, HEY, COME ON. Finally, Starbucks took action, as you can see above:

The thief was brazen and consistent. Eventually, the store took action, removing the Times from the rack and posting a sign to customers telling them to see the barista if they want one. And since then, the thief hasn’t returned, despite the juicy stack of Wall Street Journals now perched at the top of the news rack (USA Today, also on the rack, is also not popular with thieves apparently), a barista told us.

Slick! Hopefully, the irony that the Wall Street Journal‘s core readership has spent the last five years stealing from the rest of America/the global pool of money has not managed to escape anyone here.