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Norman Mailer and Jimmy Breslin Thinking About this Mayor Thing


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April 3, 1969, Vol. XIV, No. 25

Norman Mailer For Mayor?

The tenth entrant in the Democratic mayoral scramble may be Norman Mailer.

If Mailer opts in, his running mate for City Council President will be Jimmy Breslin, the combative chronicler of Irish internecine warfare. Gloria Steinem of New York magazine reluctantly agreed to be designated as the candidate for Comptroller until a committee on vacancies can find another candidate.

Preliminary campaign plans were discussed Monday night at Mailer’s Brooklyn Heights waterfront eyrie. Among the New York literary and political figures who hashed out the pros and cons of the Mailer candidacy were Pete Hamill, Peter Maas, Jose Torres, Jeremy Larner, Joe Flaherty, Jeff Cowan, John Scanlon, Flo Kennedy, Jack Newfield, State Supreme Court Judge James Leff, Mary Bancroft, Jerry Rubin, Nancy Kirshan, and Joe Pilati.

Mailer said at one point that it was necessary to forge a “hip coalition of the right and the left,” but the only prominent rightist present as ex-National Review writer Noel E. Parmentel, Jr.

Mailer termed New York City “a cancer and leprosy ward that has infected the rest of the country.” Breslin metaphorically surveyed the political opposition and growled his disdain at their mental prowess: “Those clowns haven’t said anything bright in 45 years. They’re a bunch of bums!”

A series of strategy meetings will be held this week to discuss securing of signatures for petitions, opening of campaign headquarters, and maximizing media exposure during the primary campaign.

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