Survey Reveals What You Already Knew About New York Nightlife


Oh, yay. In case you hadn’t heard, Zagat has released the results of its 2010/11 New York City Nightlife Survey, and you’re not going to believe this, but, well, they’re pretty much completely what you’d expect.

Get this: The best night to go out is Thursday, followed by … Saturday! Who woulda thunk. Also, most people take cabs on the way home! (Good plan.)

The majority of us head out at around 9 or 10 p.m., and return home at 2 a.m., or maybe midnight if we’re feeling tired. We split our post-bar proclivities between late-night feeding to stave off the next day’s hangover and going straight to bed (depending on who we’re with). We drink wine or beer on the weekdays and something stronger on Friday and Saturday night. And we’re all going out just a little bit less due to this crappin’ recession.

Also, Best Nightlife Neighborhoods! Close your eyes ….

Now, never go to any of those places ever again. After all, 36 percent of us seem to think Midtown is making a comeback, and that 36 percent should really take advantage of that. Please, report back!