The Worst of the Fancy Food Show; the Ethics of Eating for Free




This week in food blogs:

Grub Street asked, “Why eat bacon and cupcakes when you can lick them in paper form?” after discovering such a thing at the Fancy Food Show.

Meanwhile, Epicurious rounded up the worst of the Fancy Food Show, including instant caprese: pre-cut slices of mozzarella with a basil and tomato topping. Yikes.

The Food Section wondered if the MenuPad will be the menu of the future.

Eater got excited about Eddie Huang’s new cocktail menu at Xiao Ye. Hennessy Pineapple Daiquiri, anyone?

Feast listed its best spots for weird ice cream flavors, with wasabi-peddling Sundaes and Cones coming out on top.

Midtown Lunch announced the arrival of the Oreo Speedwagon, Miss Softee’s new ice cream truck.

Slice spread the word that the new Di Fara T-shirts are now available.

Salon Food examined just how food gets gendered.

The Atlantic Food Channel weighed in on the hot-button debate of the week: the ethics of eating for free and writing about it.