Week In Review: We’re Looking at You, Wakey Wakey


Even though we eat and sleep local music over here at SOTC, after countless hours of perusing the blogosphere and sifting through mail, we just had to say it: What the fuck, New York? We’re talking to you, Wakey! Wakey! That’s why we decided to create the First Annual Worst Band Name in New York Award this week. Feel free to submit your friends.

A slightly more awesome collection of music was also aggregated this week when Black Sheep’s Dres picked the five best bar mitzvah/ sweet 16-rocking hip-hop classics of all time.

Here are some songs that are definitely not Hora friendly, but will probably have 13-year-olds everywhere doing inappropriate things on the dance floor anyways: Nick Minaj’s “Your Love,” which is currently the biggest rap song in the country, Gyptian’s dancehall summer anthem, “Hold Yuh,” These Are Powers’ new club banger, “Anything Above Nothing,” Year of the Tiger’s new noise-pop anthem, “Rockit” and Playboy Tre’s “Work,” featuring Joell Ortiz.

Speaking of Joell Ortiz, he played a show with Jay Electronica on Tuesday night where he brought up pretty much every artist and their mom on stage . . . well except Chuck Berry, who was doing his own (totally not age-appropriate) thing at B.B. King’s a few nights earlier.

Elsewhere, Big Boi streamed his newest album on his MySpace page after a bit (OK, several years) of release-date schizophrenia. More listening: dropped this mixtape/tribute to the street-art hip-hop legend, Rammellzee, who died this week.

Another super-anticipated tribute, to the Man in the Mirror himself at the Apollo, was sort of lackluster. But good thing Chris Brown was there to step it up at the BET awards with his totally contrived PR move MJ tribute, during which he broke down in tears.

A dude that’s famous for making the most potato references in a rap song performed at Joe’s Pub, and the next day, Freelance Whales headlined a free beef jerky party in Brooklyn. And people say Americans are fat and obsessed with food. Psh. But I guess that’s all still not as strange as this Lady Gaga comic book or this list of brings and don’t brings for Jelly NYC’s free summer concert series.

But who the fuck cares, because its a three-day weekend! So make sure to eat your weight in burgers, get drunk, and be patriotic. Oh, and check out this awesome list of nightlife events for the weekend.