Spitzer Side Chick and Playboy Star Ashley Dupre Tries NYU Real Estate School


Ashley Dupre, the face (and breasts) of the fall of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is back in Manhattan, thankfully. She spent some time on the West Coast — likely chasing Hollwood-style fame after her thrilling Playboy shoot, which Runnin’ Scared brought you early and exclusively (!!!) — but it’s clear that she’s destined for a more City-centric legacy — a Page Six-style legacy. She gave them a call with some big news: NYU has another beautiful troublemaker. And real estate will never be the same.

The New York Post gossip masters report:

She told us, “I recently moved back to New York from Los Angeles. Since being home, I took and passed the accelerated Real Estate Salesperson Course at NYU.

“New York City real estate has always been an interest of mine,” she said. “It’s just something that I wanted to do. Where this goes is yet to be determined. I am so excited to be back — there’s no place like New York.

First of all, it’s good to know that she still has a direct line to NYC’s ruling gossip class. This girl shouldn’t be able to sneeze in this city without us reading about it. Additionally, NYU was made for girls like Ashley: ambitious, well-rounded, from New Jersey.

Sources told us Dupre fit in well at NYU and “made a ton of friends. She dressed very cute to class, hung out with students during lunch, and has been very into the course. She was one of the top students — often answering questions from the lecturers before they’d even finished speaking.”

And to fans of Ashley’s art, don’t fret. “Music has always been my passion and will remain that always,” she explains. But more importantly: “Right now my focus is on my column, Ask Ashley, every Sunday in The Post.”

There’s a saying in rap music — a sad, misogynistic one — that goes, “Don’t be surprised when she asks where the cash at.” It’s an insult, really — a woman wouldn’t sleep with you unless she’s being paid. But it’s also about who’s fucking who, when it really comes down to it. Ashley is staying paid; we, the rest of New York, keep getting screwed.