Corn Invades the Farmers’ Markets Along With Yellow Raspberries, Purple Sugar Snaps, and Reishi Mushrooms


Sweet bicolor corn is the first variety to hit the greenmarket this summer.

It seems that corn arrives earlier and earlier at the farmers’ markets each year. While we originally associated the crop with late summer and fall, a few years ago it began to arrive in early August, then late July. This year, the first corn from Migliorelli Farm in Tivoli, New York (in Columbia County across the Hudson River from Saugerties), showed up a little over a week ago, making it the earliest ever.

The first bicolor corn is abundantly available.

The corn is of the bicolor variety, and the ears are on the smaller side, though the kernels are intensely sweet. So far, the price is sky-high (averaging 75 cents per ear from four different farms), but that is bound to come down.

The corn can be eaten raw right off the cob, raw in a salad, or steamed and slathered with butter.

Migliorelli had the first corn, but how did they manage it, since the farm is located substantially upstate, to the southeast of Albany?

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Yellow raspberries have a mellower flavor and color than the usual product.

Purple sugar snaps should be eaten raw or lightly steamed or sauteed. If you cook them, though, the purple color will fade.

Reishi mushrooms — said to have healthful properties — are available on a regular basis at the Saturday Union Square market.