The Best and Worst Ideas for the iPhone 4, The Fascination Continues


Last week, we brought you the best and worst ideas involving a vuvuzela, and now, we address an object of utmost cultural fascination and endless attention — the iPhone 4, with all of its wondrous video capabilities.

As it goes, first is the worst, second is the best.

This worst idea is really a “hypothetical worst,” in that the iPhone could make you the most terrible parent ever if you let it. College Humor pulled off a hilarious “what if” video, a warning sign to new parents going down the slippery slope of virtual presence.

The best idea for the iPhone is actually a two-way tie between two mini-inventions, which we’ll call outside apps. On your phone, you can watch movies, watch adorable YouTube clips, Tweet, blog, text, make dinner reservations … it’s a time-suck is what we’re saying, and your hands get tired sometimes. So, while the only plunger you may know is for your toilet, here is something equally handy and far less smelly — the iPlunge — invented so that your lazy ass no longer has to even hold the phone to do whatever it is you do on that thing.

Tied for the best idea is one that doesn’t exist, but that should. Everyone loves vintage clothes, admires old buildings, and swoons over shabby chic home-goods, so why hasn’t this vintage-style handle been invented? Maybe it’s a matter of time, but remember, we popularized it first. The image shows an out-of-the-box solution to the call-dropping problem faced by early-adopters of the iPhone 4, but we just like the way it looks, like a modern apartment with a cool retro couch. Well, take it or leave it, but if it’s ever made, we’ll take it.