Why Volkswagen’s New Ad Campaign Sadly Won’t Work in New York City


Volkswagen has started an interactive advertising campaign called “Fast Lane” in which they use slides, skateboards, and aircraft sound effects in public spaces around Germany to promote their new Polo GTI. The videos are pretty fun, and yet, we’re pretty sure this ad campaign is never going to make it in the Big Apple. Below, some videos of the highly involved advertising installations and why they’re not destined for our shores.

1. Sliding Into the Subway

Two words: Rush hour. If subway turnstiles are any testament to New Yorkers’ patience, it’s not as if we like waiting our turn for things. Unless there’s some kind of 12-person toboggan on-site, this would never accommodate enough transit passengers in the city.

2. Exploding Elevator

We have too much terrorism for this shit. Upon the take-off explosions and flashing red lights of this surround-sound elevator, New Yorkers would hustle to the duck-‘n’-cover faster than the Cold War Space Race.

3. Shopping Cart Skateboard

This is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. Actually, these are all lawsuits waiting to happen. Plus, I doubt the customers at Gristedes would appreciate this otherwise-fun contraption around the canned-foods aisle.

Hey, at least we have Coney Island. Oh wait.