Call us slow, but before I Love You, Man, we had never witnessed the charm of Jason Segel, not on the TV show How I Met Your Mother or in the teen comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But as soon as we saw him bond with the endearing Paul Rudd in this John Hamburg–directed film about two guys in dire need of male companionship, it became obvious why Rudd’s character, Peter Klaven, would fall seriously hard for Segel’s character, Sydney Fife: 1) Beneath his huge stature is a sensitive guy; 2) He owns a dog and lets it poop freely; 3) He befriends anyone, really (except realtor blowhards and Lou Ferrigno); 4) He really likes Rush (OK, maybe that’s not a good reason); 5) He helps his friend’s sagging career by placing billboard ads that make him look sort of gay; and 6) He truly wants his best friend to be happy and in love—but not with him or, like, not in that way, man. Tonight, fall for him yourself when I Love You, Man plays on Pier 54 as a part of the River Flicks series.

Wed., July 14, 8 p.m., 2010