Cutest Grandparents and Possibly Oldest Bloggers Ever Are Still Smitten after 70 Years (Video!)


Is your wife as sweet as that sundae? “Sweeter than that,” Harry Cooper, 98, told the Today Show camera this morning as he shared an ice cream sundae with his wife of 72 years, Barbara, 93. (Video after the jump, if you missed it.) The couple, Poppop and Cutie to those close to them, grin at each other like teens on a first date and have become an Internet phenomenon because they are simply the most adorable old people you can ever imagine — and also, because they use the Internet practically better than we do.

The Coopers have a Facebook pageTwitter page, and a website ( — The Original Grandparents) where Cutie answers readers’ questions about life once a week via Web videos, muses about life, and posts reviews of restaurants and anything else she has an opinion on.

“Jump in with both feet. You will not be sorry,” she tells one woman who’s having cold feet in her relationship. She also reviewed Lady Gaga’s Alejandro video: “You want me to review this? Throw it away and start shooting all over again. It had no continuation, it had no charm, it had no storyline.” And the Olive Garden: “Well, in case you were wondering, I love it. You go there for continuous soup and salad, and soup and salad make a beautiful lunch.”

Soup and salad do make a beautiful lunch. They go together like Lady Gaga and spandex or, yes, like Poppop and Cutie. The two have both had heart attacks, and they’ve outlived their two children. Knowing they weren’t getting any younger, their granddaughters started taking videos on visits to their retirement community and then spun the project into the website, quite possibly making Barbara and Harry the oldest bloggers ever.

The Internet has become supersaturated with videos of animals in ridiculous situations, TV mishaps, and babies being babies. So, what we’re saying is that maybe old people are the new animals and babies. If so, these old people are the best of the bunch and perhaps the first to make growing old look like an actual pleasure.

Now, who wants unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks?