Dear Smokers, New York’s Losing Patience — Either Quit or Move to Pennsylvania


If you’re a smoker in New York, you’re not allowed in bars, restaurants, playgrounds, or bowling alleys with your lit accoutrement, but you have one happy place — the beach. Except now, according to the Daily News, people are giving you the stink-eye there, too. Maybe if you didn’t let your butts hang out all over Coney Island, it wouldn’t be such an issue, but the ex-gritty beach and amusement locale is getting all gussied up, and discarded cigarettes, though a more family-friendly alternative to syringes, are not a welcome sight.

For now, people are just complaining about the disgusting look of cigarettes in the sand — “Since the Health Department broached the idea of a ban in a policy paper, nothing has been done to study the feasibility,” said spokeswoman Erin Bradley. But endless complaining is the undocumented step before a bill’s proposal and a subsequent law, so we’ll see where this all leads.

Complaints about Coney Island butt-heads come in the wake of the newly instated New York cigarette tax, which raised the average price of cigarettes in New York to $9.20, enough for a decent cocktail.

But, smokers, if you aren’t ready to ditch the habit just yet, you can find love and cheap cigarettes nearby in my home state, Pennsylvania, where cigarette stores reap New York’s lost customers, and there aren’t any beaches at all to pollute with butts. Ahh, inhale…there are even more trees to set off your CO2-filled exhales.