Double Rainbow Auto-Tune Even Better Than Hiking on Acid (Video!)


Perhaps you’ve seen the video that’s been floating about the Internet recently in which a seemingly mushroom-addled hiker (or just a very genuine, soulful man with a distinct and earnest love of the daily magic which surrounds us buoyed by the wings of tiny leprechaun fairies) undergoes an emotional, and maybe even physical, transformation upon sighting not one but two rainbows? i.e.: DOUBLE RAINBOWS. If you haven’t, you should. It’s better than Titanic.

Today, thanks to the magic of the Internet that surrounds us buoyed by the tiny wings of leprechaun fairies (or Al Gore), double rainbow gets an Auto-Tune. And it’s a delight, really — our vote for best blackout song, should the occasion arise.

What does it mean? We don’t even care, but while you figure it out, we’ll be sitting here watching this video.