Mysterious “Lost Shark” Poster Links Back to NYU Tech Support


NYC The Tumblr found this little gem plastered to a concrete wall on the east side of Sullivan Street, south of Spring Street. Intrigued by the state of “Kyle” and his “distinctive birthmark,” we followed up on his whereabouts. Considering all the luck we had the last time we investigated Missing Animals Posters around the city, we were certain that Kyle the Shark wouldn’t fail us. Also, we wouldn’t mind a cool bike.

After numerous investigative follies (is the last number an “8” or a “3”?), we found out that the posted number does not belong to “Alexis” as the poster claims, but rather to Karim Fasid’s office at NYU Stern School of Business, where he is apparently a Technical Support Specialist. We got his voicemail upon dialing, but he responded to our investigative e-mail.

“While it would be amusing to take credit for that poster, I can’t claim to have hung it,” Fasid told us, “I think someone must have randomly come across my number and used it on the poster.”

Fasid doubted that someone might be trying to play a prank on him: “I do write for a fishing magazine, but that’s the closest connection that I can come up with. Also, if one of my friends wanted to play a prank, I don’t think they’d go about it in quite this way.”

Fishy. But the question still remains: Where is Kyle the Shark?

We hope to find out. Here is the full-size image of our sharp-toothed friend posted on NYC the Tumblr:

NYC The Blog informs us that another poster has been sighted at the other end of Sullivan, at Broome.

If you know anything about this mysterious castaway, please let us know. We love him, too.