Sexy Spy Anna Chapman Wanted Prince Harry and Prince William, Too


What’s up today with sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman? Glad you asked. As she’s kept isolated in a cell in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, the New York Post reveals that even British royals may not have been immune to her “sexy secret-agent wiles.” Queen Elizabeth II, who’s gallivanting about in the New York City heat today, must be positively lobster-faced under her hat!

Chapman frequented Boujis nightclub in London (a sceney spot where the royals have been known to enjoy themselves, sometimes problematically) “expressly to bump into the princes and chat them up,” according to the London Mirror.

The woman’s spy skills were impressive, says a friend: “She was pushy but clever enough to be discreet with it. As a regular at these places, Anna would have found it easy to get near the princes and was certainly pretty friendly with people in their world.” She also met and reportedly became “friendly” with a member of Britain’s House of Lords, and hung at Nobu. Quite the life!

Now British Security Service MI5 is “urgently investigating” whether Chapman ever got anything good out of the two princes, even though thus far it seems that she was simply a really, really good (albeit social-climbing) partier — not to mention that no one’s really sure Wills or Harry have any great secrets to reveal anyway. The lines between “spy” and “girl on a mission” become more blurred every day, don’t they?

Still, wouldn’t she and Harry have made the cutest couple? Just imagine the faux-ginger spy babies!