The Post Plays Bad Cop, Busting MTA Employees Playing Hooky


A Post photographer busted two MTA employees for snoozing on the job, and as always, the paper couldn’t resist an especially great lead sentence zinger, “All aboard the Zzzzzz train!” with the accompanying photo caption “Noddy, noddy.”

But that’s not to take away from the paper’s actual coup: A photog caught Frank Ryan and Robert Malandrino nestling into their cars for a two-hour snooze when they should have been fixing broken subway cars.

These men make $33/hr, according to the Post. So, in one nap, the two of them sleep away more money than a monthly subway card costs. At a time when the MTA is laying off hundreds of employees and under close public scrutiny, this is disrespectful and completely stupid and inconsiderate — to say the very least.

Worse yet, the way the nap went down seems well practiced, and, well, very comfy. “Ryan, in a four-door Mercury Sable, immediately put a large sunshade in front of his windshield, creating a cozy cocoon in his car, then put his seat back and wrapped himself up in a blue blanket,” the Post reported. He must have run out of face mask and cucumbers for his eyes on this particular night. We’re surprised he didn’t bring a Snuggie to top it off, although that may have brought the nap to a three-hour level of decadence.

You know you’ve been a lazy ass when Mayor Bloomberg calls a press conference to assure New Yorkers that your slothfulness is the exception rather than the rule and that most MTA workers do, in fact, do something.