There Is A New Sleigh Bells Workout Video


We have long been fascinated with the theoretical exercise potential in the music of the cheery, epic Brooklyn pop duo Sleigh Bells. So has SOHI Fitness guru Megan Clark, who first used the band’s “Tell Em” in a Youtube video depicting a particularly fearsome leg and butt workout, and later spoke to us about why Sleigh Bells are perfect for shedding your pale and inadequate indie-rock body. “They make me want to work harder and run faster,” she told us a few weeks ago, adding a few stray shots at the more grating workout efforts of other indie rockers, like LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy (“I don’t enjoy running to a club song that feels like it’s slowly driving a nail into my brain”). Now Clark sends along evidence that she’s done it again:

The song is “Crown on the Ground”; the workout this time around involves your shoulers and a terrifying band of rubber that looks a lot like the preamble to an explosion of ruptured joints and torn muscles. Especially when those extra guitars kick in. “I have had people interested in their music since our last one,” says Megan, who is based out in Hawaii. “Aloha!”