Yelp’s 10 Quirkiest New York Review Topics


Most people know Yelp, the user-generated review website of mass proportions, for their infinite reports on restaurants, bars, shopping, and service centers. But if you scamper on over to the “Local Flavor” section, you’ll find examinations of all kinds of New York stuff you never knew was actually reviewed. Here are 10 of Yelp’s most random (helpful!) New York topics along with some of the choicest reviews.

1. The Cube @ Astor Place
The cube sculpture in front of Cooper Union has mostly favorable reviews; however, most of the conversation revolving around it on Yelp boils down to one question — does it spin? One reviewer sums it up quite nicely:

2. That Subway Busker With the Pan Flute
One of the more obscure reviews on the site (with one of the best titles), this busker has only one review. She’s none too happy with him:

3. Gypsy Cabs
If you’ve ever tried to hail a cab during rush hour, you’ve probably been harassed by a Gypsy Cab a time or two. Personally, I’ve never been lured by their cat calls and low prices, and here’s why:

4. Coney Island Cyclone Coaster
It seems to be hit or miss with the Cyclone. Some swear by the rickety, 35-year-old death machine. Others:

While others still:

Masochism seems to be a prevalent theme at the Cyclone. I’m not sure if I’m surprised.

5. Central Park Carousel
Based on most of the Carousel reviews, it seems that many of these Yelp reviewers like to feel like kids again. But this reviewer feels quite differently:

I think she has a point:

Next: Did you know you can review the F train? Also, there’s not a lot of love for the Naked Cowgirl

6. Bushwick
Thinking about moving to Bushwick? It’s hard to trust a friend’s opinion, especially if they currently live there — you never know if they’re just trying to lure you out to their secluded, questionable area of town to help themselves. The upside to these reviews is that many of them are given in hindsight and are separated from any friendly obligations. This dude seems trustworthy. Pity him:

7. The F Train
Everyone has a train they don’t get along with and a train with which they feel a close relationship. The F Train is about 50/50, but the bad reviews are most colorful:

If you get a chance, you can also tell the MTA in its entirety just how you feel about those recent subway cuts.

9. The Naked Cowgirl
Just about right:

10. The Bubble Man
Yet another ostensibly obscure topic, there are five solid stars for the Bubble Man. I’ve never actually seen this guy, but he sounds like New York magic:

Of course, there are other (necessary!) random New York reviews to be made on Yelp. Like “The Crowd on the Governors Island Ferry.” Or “The Lights on the Empire State Building.” Or how about “Public Bathrooms of the LES.” These are New York institutions that need our critical attention.