Brooklyn Man’s Plan to Unleash Suffering Upon BP by Way of Vuvuzela Is Actually Happening (Q&A!)


Last week, we alerted you to a man with a plan. A bizarre, maybe totally brilliant plan to punish the bigwigs at BP for their negligence leading to the oil spill in the Gulf via a band of voracious vuvuzela players stationed outside of their headquarters in London. We managed to catch up with the mastermind behind the idea, 31-year-old Adam Quirk, who is understandably pretty busy nowadays what with his day job as a web video producer along with the Vuvuzelas for BP project. As of now, he has $4,251 pledged, and seven more hours to go. (You have until 7:27 p.m. EDT to donate.)

Hi Adam. How did you put vuvuzelas with BP? Tell me about the inception of the idea.
Vuvuzelas for BP was inspired by the incredible annoyance of millions of people by the vuvuzela drone on all the World Cup broadcasts, and the seemingly cold indifference postured by Tony Hayward in his Congressional hearings. I am a video remix artist, so it’s sort of my job to combine memes and current events to make new things. I came up with the concept, and a friend and I plotted the course of action over beers the weekend before last.

You must really hate BP, huh?
After reading about the gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, like most people, I was pretty furious. I went on to read about how willfully they have disobeyed regulations and cut corners, and my anger kept growing.

Have you ever exacted revenge upon anyone else?
A company called Edelman Digital in Chicago owes my company about $9,000 for work they hired us to do and never paid us for, so I’ve attempted to publicize their fraud online. But I don’t have much reach, and they have a big legal team. Maybe if they see this?

What do you think about the response to your project so far?
It’s gone well beyond anything I expected. I’d love to see it grow to over $10k. I have some big donations coming hopefully from a couple companies I’ve spoken with, so it’s not out of reach. Also, anyone who donates (even just a few dollars) will be privy to the exact date and location of the event. If anyone wants to participate, they need to donate at least a dollar to get the private message about logistics.

Less than $1,000 of the donations will be spent on the Vuvuzela project. The rest is going straight to the Gulf Disaster Fund set up by the Center for Biological Diversity.

What remains to be done to bring this idea to buzzing, mind-numbing life? Have any vuvuzela makers offered to pitch in?
We’re still looking for volunteer vuvuzela players in the London area. They can contact me through the Kickstarter page. A couple other people have offered to help organize. Ben Huh of the Cheezburger Network is helping a lot, and we might be able to push the timeline up a bit with his financial and logistical help. If a Vuvuzela manufacturer is reading this, yes, please.

What do you hope to achieve ultimately with this project?
I am not protesting oil as a commodity — it is unfortunately still very necessary to our society. This is about the egregious, willful destruction of our planet in the pursuit of it. I’m hoping to keep pressure on BP from the public. Twitter and the Internet make it easy
for people to complain, but in all likelihood, the BP top brass are not scanning Twitter for negative mentions and fretting away about it. You have to bring your disdain to where they live if you want them to pay any attention. This seemed like a fun way to get more people involved.

Think you’ll get arrested?
Probably someday.