Daniel Boulud to Go Grilling; Neelys to Pig Out


From the polar opposite ends of the culinary spectrum come new developments in the quasi-Upper Manhattan dining scene: Daniel Boulud’s new place across the street from Lincoln Center will have a “grilling concept,” while the Food Network’s Pat and Gina Neely will open a barbecue restaurant on First Avenue and 62nd Street.

The Post‘s Steve Cuozzo reports that Boulud’s new digs boast 4,000 square feet of space, every inch of which will be designed by Thomas Schlesser, who also made his imprint on DBGB, Bar Boulud, and, most recently, Má Pêche. The restaurant’s semi-open kitchen will produce healthy-ish, Mediterranean-ish, grill-themed grub for the masses, who will doubtless fill the 110-seat dining room, 24-seat lounge, and 16-seat bar.

In addition to being Food Network staples, the Neelys are already the proprietors of three barbecue restaurants in Tennessee. Diner’s Journal reports that they’ll attempt to replicate their success here with the Pig Parlor, which they plan to open in the fall in the old Merchants NY space. Judging by the reviews of their Tennessee establishments on TripAdvisor and Yelp, they’ve got their work cut out for them: “dry & dense” ribs, “roaches all over the place,” and “I wouldn’t go there again if they were giving the food away” don’t bode well for their chances of a warm welcome.