First Heat Wave of Summer Means Endless Photos of Spraying Hydrants


Good news, New York — we have officially survived the wrath of Mother Nature’s armpit. We’ve been on the cusp of melting for four days, but temps are thankfully going to drop back into the 80s tomorrow, or so says The Weather Channel. (It’s in the 80s now!) While the sweat is still dripping down your back, look to the rarely noted but insanely pervasive fire hydrant photos in the media for a glance at something visually refreshing. Seriously, our daily news outlets slapped pictures of happy people playing in fire hydrants to every possible “it’s hot out” news story.

A fire hydrant shot was even the New York Times‘s cover photo yesterday.

Still, it’s actually quite a nice little trend since most alternatives would involve grimaces and sweaty body parts. Herewith, some of our favorites.

The Daily News followed suit with their own take on what to do with yourself when you feel like you can fry an egg on your forehead.

And the Post managed to snap a hydrant shot that makes asphalt look like a Slip n’ Slide. We would probably run barefoot over hot coals or a New York sidewalk (same thing today) for the chance to play on a Slip n’ Slide right now.

The city’s big papers weren’t the only ones keeping with the hydrant photo tradition. DNAInfo kept the trend alive…

Even UK paper the Telegraph posted a New York City hydrant shot to accompany their “heat wave” article.

While the New York Times is still seeking hot weather photo submissions, be sure to submit any and all hydrant photos you have lying around your apartment. We have a feeling those get first priority!