How One Williamsburg Bar Welcomed All Those Faith No More Fans: Hey “Nerds That Never Got Over High School”


Mike Patton may’ve teased the sold-out crowd at Monday night’s Faith No More show by calling us “hipsters,” but the malnourished layabouts who normally sashay down Bedford Ave really weren’t the show’s demographic. The East River Park was far more populated by aggro jocks, khaki cargo shorts, and suburban metal nerds. Endless Rage Against the Machine shirts. Bare-chested dudes whose tattoos were as subtle as bumper stickers, running around flexing and shouting “FUCK YEAH!” An Abercrombie-catalogue model-type in a white V-neck and white-hat that said PERV. A 37-year-old woman who declared inside the Beer Garden, “Faith No More was the first hip-hop I listened to after the Beastie Boys.”

And so if, say, you were wandering down North 6th Street before the show, with friends who’d actually drove down from Boston for this show (yup), and saw this open invitation outside the Cove (a/k/a the bar formerly known as Hugs), well, it may’ve hit a little close to home.

See those DC shoes and Limp Bizkit shorts in the top-right-hand corner? The Faith No More crowd was a lot like that.