Morning Links: Con Ed Is Hot and Tired, Too; Bedbug Shopping Returns; Ringo Starr Turns 70


• Con Edison is really, really tired after the record-breaking 103 degree heat yesterday. They’re working to restore power to about 6,300 customers in New York City today. (A tipster informs us that there are brownouts in South Brooklyn; if you know of others, let us know!). You can check the overall electrical situation in the city here. Also, be forewarned, even though it’s marginally cooler today, the “cumulative effect” of days of hotness may mean the worst is yet to come. We’re here for you with our handy blackout prep. [NYT]

• Oil has made it into New Orleans’ Lake Pontchartrain. BP oil, of course. [WP]

• Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle has vetoed legislation that would have permitted same-sex civil unions. [MSNBC]

• Accused Russian spies will appear in court today in Virginia and Massachusetts. [CNN]

• Russians are having kind of an off-month: Award-winning pianist Mikhail Pletnev has been arrested at a Thai beach resort, accused of pedophilia. [NYT]

• Despite crime being up in the Bronx and Brooklyn, the Lower East Side seems to be holding steady, and, in fact, may even be down. Let’s keep it that way! [The Lo-Down NY]

• The Abercrombie with bedbugs that closed Friday won’t reopen until Thursday at the earliest. Meanwhile, Hollister has reopened for brave shoppers. If you’ve ventured back, give us a (virtual) shout. [ABC]

• LeBron will reveal who gets the final rose in a one-hour ESPN special tomorrow at 9 p.m. Tune in for the most dramatic ceremony yet! [ESPN]

• Happy birthday, Ringo. You were always our favorite. Really. [Bowery Boogie]