Paul the Octopus Predicts German Loss to Spain in World Cup Semi-Finals (Video, Plus Bonus Video!)


I always thought octopus was best grilled and cut into bite-size pieces until I watched these two videos. Now, I have a much deeper appreciation for the creatures, especially the psychic one called Paul, a name we usually associate with suburban dads and businessmen.

Paul is a gifted cephalopod who correctly predicted each of Germany’s five winning World Cup matches this year. Yesterday, he (if he is indeed a male) opted to eat a mussel snack from the container bearing the Spanish flag instead of his previously favored German container, and today, Germany lost to Spain in a tough defeat that Paul saw coming before anyone else. The bad omen for Germany was reported in the New York Times and newspapers around the world. We’re just happy Paul’s only into soccer and not foreign policy or outcomes of war.

That’s what an octopus in captivity is capable of doing, so imagine what these 8-legged oceanic creepers are up to in the wild. One videographer caught a glimpse when he encountered a kleptomaniac octopus who couldn’t get his sticky hands off the diver’s camera and spear-gun. It’s all very beautiful in the ugliest imaginable way.

Alright, they’re a little bit cute, definitely smarter than expected, but still better cooked!