Vegetarian Delights of NYC: Bouchon Bakery’s Butternut Squash Sandwich


In light of the news that Bouchon Bakery will be opening a second location, now seems a good time to celebrate the attributes of its butternut squash sandwich.

The sandwich is comprised of thick strips of roasted squash, slices of Fiji apple, arugula, and Brie. Vegetable, fruit, and dairy are bound between fat slices of sourdough bread that are grilled until they’re slightly crisp and the Brie oozes over everything in its path. The sweetness of the squash and apples is balanced by the salty stink of the cheese and the peppery dissonance of the arugula. Basically, it’s a very good grilled cheese sandwich, and also a very pretty one: The deep orange of the squash so perfectly complements the green arugula and the rosy skin of the apples that it looks like it was dreamed up by a cabal of interior decorators and production designers.

And like so many pretty things, this one comes with a somewhat unlovely price tag: The sandwich will set you back $10.25, which places it in the realm of splurge, rather than staple. But thanks to its perfect storm of root vegetables, cheese, and bread, it also falls into the realm of gutbomb, making it an excellent way to fill one’s stomach, even as it empties one’s wallet.

Bouchon Bakery
10 Columbus Circle