What Midtown Can Expect From Their New Neighbor, Tracy Morgan


New York mag reports that Tracy Morgan is packing up his shark’s den and settling somewhere in the West 50s. We think being Morgan’s new neighbor could be enthralling — or endangering — depending on how your sense of humor handles jokes about getting people pregnant behind a middle school. Either way, here are some Tracy Morgan affectations that Midtowners can brace themselves for.

1. Great Pick-Up Lines
In an interview with the Post, Morgan defended the pick-up line that got him rejected by a 30 Rock extra: ” ‘You look like you’re married to a shortstop for the San Diego Padres.’ A shortstop! That’s the hardest position on the baseball team,” he claimed. Tiny Fey was the first to come to his backup. “That was exactly what she looked like,” she said.

2. His Own Laughter
Tracy Morgan makes a lot of jokes. Tracy Morgan laughs at his own jokes. You will hear a lot of laughter coming from Tracy Morgan.

3. Labor Induction
Another common theme on his Twitter account is childbirth. Like most things with Tracy Morgan, we don’t ask why.

4. Interesting Street Sales
In an interview with David Letterman, Morgan talked about what he would do with an Emmy Award were he to win one. In an attempt to avoid “Whitney Houston Syndrome” (winning awards, getting in trouble) Morgan asked, “How much you think I could get for that on the street?”

He went on to explain that in case he did find himself needing to sell his Emmy, he would glue it to the top of his refrigerator to avoid such follies: “It might bring down the value of the Emmy, but it’ll bring the value of the refrigerator up.”

5. The Next 30 Rock Plot Line
It is well-known that Morgan’s character on the hit sitcom, Tracy Jordan, is largely based on the comedian himself. So much so that Morgan even told Time magazine, “Tracy Jordan exists in Tracy Morgan. Everything they write about my character is ripped right out of the headlines. If I sneeze, next week it’s in the script…I’m a 40-year-old black man. I’m from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. What do the young white writers know about me? I have to give ’em the ammo.”

Hopefully for his fellow Midtown residents, he won’t be running down the West Side Highway in his underwear, thrashing about a Jedi light-saber. But for us, hopefully, he will.