Ben Novack Jr.’s Beating Death: Wife, Three Assistants Charged


Is there some kind of International Crime Day being celebrated?

On an afternoon when every TV camera is setting up outside federal court in Lower Manhattan for the arraignment of 10 Russian sleeper agents, U.S. Attorney Preet Bahara just held another press conference at the White Plains branch to announce a made-for-TV movie indictment in the bloody beating death of a millionaire hotel heir.

The indictment accuses Narcy Veliz Novack of helping a pair of hit men take out her husband, Ben Novack Jr. — son of the founder of the landmark Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami — while they were staying at the Rye Hilton last July. According to the feds, Narcy Novack let the killers into the hotel suite, and then helpfully handed them a pillow to put over her husband’s face to stifle his screams.
Ben Novack, 53, was “beat, cut, and bound,” according to the charges. She also allegedly handed the killers a nice reward right on the spot, giving them her husband’s favorite piece of jewelry, a gold bracelet with “BEN” written in diamonds, as the Journal News reports in today’s most detailed story.

Narcy Novack, also 53, and three others are charged only with stalking and “conspiracy to commit interstate domestic violence” which sounds like it comes up a little short of the actual planned and bloody murder committed here, but it is presumably a good place-holder until more evidence is obtained.

Novack’s beating death made news last year for many reasons: Novack grew up in the Fontainebleau penthouse where he acquired the world’s largest collection of Batman memorabilia, including an original Batmobile” as the Journal News reports (there is an original Batmobile?). In addition to inheriting his father’s fortune, he created his own millions as hotel events planner with a company called Convention Concepts Unlimited.

There’s also this: Seven years ago, there was a similar home invasion in which husband Ben was also bound and robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wife Narcy was the suspect in that one, too, but Ben declined to press charges after his wife allegedly showed police copies of his amputee porn (don’t ask), and detailed the couple’s standard s/m couplings, which allegedly included someone being handcuffed to a recliner.

And there’s this as well: In April 2009, Ben’s 87-year-old mom, Bernice, also died in what Broward County’s medical examiner ruled an accident, despite a bloody trail through the house. We’re glad to see that Bob Norman, ace reporter for the Broward Palm Beach New Times, never once bought that story (see “Fort Lauderdale Police on Novack Death: Nothing to See Here”).