Brooklyn’s Shark? Become Another Kickstarter Success Story, Now Just Have To Write Songs About Subjects Random Benefactors Choose


L Magazine‘s repeatedly endorsed these lo-fi monsters, having them play more than anyone else at last month’s Northside Festival, getting the official Conklin must-see nod, and doling out an Honorable Mention in their annual 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear series. And with good reason. The foursome’s Noise Maker EP from this past January, available for free download here, is post-garage excellence: sober Cheeseburger, Blood on the Wall weaned on Jim Morrison instead of Thurston Moore, the circa-2001 Strokes if they were messy and didn’t suck. So while Shark? has collectively given away two EPs both online and at shows, frontman Kevin Diamond recently initiated a Kickstarter campaign to help defray recording expenses of their first full-length and set a goal of $1500. Their formal pitch:

Hi there,

Shark? is a band from Brooklyn. With two home-recorded EPs under our belt, we’re ready to take the next step and enter the studio to craft our first full-length album.

Many people, perhaps some of you, have been able to download our first two EPs, 2009’s FEAR! and 2010’s NOISE MAKER, for free from our Bandcamp page ( or have snagged a free copy at one of our shows, complete with hand-made album covers.

What we’re asking now is for our fans to return the favor. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard of us so far, whether it was an MP3, or a live show, or perhaps our music video for “I’ve Got Friends” we’d like to ask for your help.

With the money we raise, we will be able to rent out a studio for a number of days, complete a 10 song record, get it pressed on Vinyl and burned to CD, and design and print album covers.

There was only $88 remaining to meet their goal a little more than 24 hours ago, but four benefactors scrounged up some last-minute loot yesterday–perhaps pals of the bandmates themselves, so they wouldn’t lose the grand-plus of donations–and brought the total to $1572.

In all, eight backers donated over $100, which means, according to the terms of the campaign, those benefactors are promised not only “a copy of the finished album on CD or Vinyl and two hand-made Vinyl SHARK? Stickers, and a hand-made SHARK? T-shirt,” but also “a song written specifically about a subject of your choosing.” May we suggest Jaws!, surfer blood, or better yet, cheese?