East Village “Consumer” Posts Grassroots Economic Stimulus Sign


Economic spoiler alert: Retail sales in June were sluggish, reports the New York Times. Not really a shocker, but it does thicken the fog of financial uncertainty that has been plaguing us for way too long. Now, someone in the East Village is doing their part to get the economy moving once again.

“I like consuming around here,” reads a sign found by EV Grieve on 12th Street and Avenue A. That’s the spirit! This may be just what our country needs — a humble reminder that spending money is pleasurable, despite your mother’s good-natured advice about money and happiness.

Short-sighted and simplistic? Perhaps. A good excuse to spend money and help our suffering economy? You better believe it. If this signage catches on, it could be a much needed U.S. morale boost since, as of last month, the collective economic attitude was still grim.

East Village signmaker and economic good Samaritan, whoever you are, we like consuming too! Keep spreading the word. Unless you mean consuming alcohol, in which case, we still agree! At least you’re consuming something — just keep it under control.