Large Fire Reported on the Lower East Side, 240 East Houston


Update, again: Confirmation on scene that the building is 240 East Houston. 188 firefighters from 33 units arrived to put out the flames. We have reports that two people were taken out in stretchers, and the blaze is said to have started on the roof. No injuries are currently reported.

Update: NBC 4 has said the address of the building on fire is 240 East Houston at Ludlow. Here’s live feed from The Bravest, which is reporting that the fire is now contained. Our Rosie Gray, on scene, says, “It smells like smoke all the way from our building! I overheard a guy saying, ‘I’ve never seen something that bad.’ There are tons of ambulances, Houston is blocked from Ludlow eastward. Lots of people watching. I think the fire has been put out, not a lot of smoke anymore.”

Our Steven Thrasher, on scene, got these photos, in which the blaze appears largely contained:

Fireblog has more pics, from earlier in the blaze.

If you know anything about the fire or were affected, please email us.