Morning Links: Temps Take a (Slight) Dip; If You Run With the Bulls, You May Get Gored


• The high today will be 88 degrees and partly cloudy. Cool as a cucumber, except for all the freakin’ humidity. [Weather]

• Two people were gored during the second running of the bulls in Pamplona; at least four were injured. Um, people are crazy. [AP]

• Yesterday, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn charged Adnan G. el-Shukrijumah with plotting to bomb three New York City subway lines last summer and planning to blow up a shopping center in Manchester, England. The Justice Department says that Shukrijumah was one of three men overseeing efforts to carry out attacks for Al Qaeda. Additionally, three suspected Al Qaeda members were arrested this morning related to a Norway bomb plot, possibly linked to similar plots in the U.S. and U.K. [NYT] [NYT]

• Governor Paterson has delivered 6,681 vetoes to the legislature, eliminating $525 million in new spending lawmakers had added to the budget. It took him seven hours over two days. While he was signing, he had plenty of time to think about how this whole LeBron show is “a bit much.” [NYDN] [NYDN]

• The Russian-U.S. spy swap that everyone’s talking about may happen today. [Bloomberg]

• Asbury Park, New Jersey, doesn’t want to be a topless beach after all. You can still bare all at Gunnison Beach, if that’s your style. Please use SPF. [NBC NY]

• A solar-powered plane has successfully completed a 24-hour flight. But do they charge extra for baggage? [NPR]