NYC Tap Water Has Its Own Merch


One thing we New Yorkers are especially proud of is our tap water. You have to admit, it tastes pretty good and apparently it doesn’t even have to be filtered! In fact, New York’s water is so awesome that it now has its own product line. You can get glasses, a decanter (because you decant your water, don’t you?), T-shirts, and coasters.

The “Drink NYC Water” logo is actually kind of cool — we especially dig the decanter. You can get the goods at the city’s CityStore and at Fish’s Eddy, which is where we like to get 99 cent forks.

Cas Holloway, the city’s environmental protection commissioner, described our city’s fine water as “the not-so-secret ingredient in the bagels, pizza, and thousands of other dishes that people come from around the world to get.” Okay…yeah! I heart NY! (Although perhaps our water is not the only reason bagels and pizza are so delicious.)

But it’s nice that we have something to be proud of, right? CityStore has a bunch of other NYC products, but there’s nothing as rah-rah as the water merch. Which makes sense, they could never produce a line of “I Heart NYC Transit” tees with a straight face.