Ray’s Has Stopped Selling Its Signature Belgian Fries


Imagining Ray’s without Belgian fries is a little like imagining Avenue A without Ray’s, but it appears that Ray Alvarez will no longer be selling his signature spuds.

The Villager reports that Alvarez isn’t allowed to serve them as part of the terms of the new, three-year lease drawn up by his property manager, Barbara Chupa. Alvarez wants to install a $10,000 fryer hood, but won’t until Chupa states explicitly that doing so would allow him to make the fries. On the plus side, Alvarez, who’s 77, is finally getting his Social Security back pay and monthly benefits, and can now feed himself and pay the rent on his apartment. He’s also planning to get a much-needed operation to fix a hernia, which, from the sounds of it, is even more fearsome than Barbara Chupa.