Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Places to Slurp Raw Oysters


Tune in tomorrow to read our list of the 10 Best Places to Slurp Raw Oysters.

The old maxim about eating oysters only in months that contain an “r” has less to do with food safety these days and more to do with the fact that oysters mate in warm weather, an activity that some feel makes the bivalves’ flesh less appealing. Putting that aside, as Mark Kurlansky writes in his book The Big Oyster: “Summer oysters are, however, perfectly healthy unless spoiled in the market by the summer heat.”

And what better cooling snack on a hot day than a plate of ice-cold oysters and a beer? We’ve sweated our way across the city this week, checking in on old favorites and new spots, looking for the best shucking technique, the most interesting variety, the most delicious, pristine oysters.

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