Who’s Worse, Con Ed or the MTA?


Yesterday, a tipster sent us a photo from the Q/B elevator platform at Brooklyn’s Atlantic/Pacific subway station, where, due to an electrical outage, it “sucks to be wheelchair-bound.” He says, “I think the MTA is taking advantage, however, to pass the blame to Con Ed. Shit is always broken down around that station, and I think the manager is taking the opportunity for once to pin it on the power problems. The lights, escalator, etc., seemed to be utilizing electricity just fine.” (Photo of the allegedly broken ‘vator and duplicitous signage after the jump.)

Very interesting. And not an undue hypothesis, dear tipster! Why, indeed, is the rest of the electricity in the station working while the elevator is not, hmm? That goes against everything we don’t really know about electromagnetic induction!

All of this got us wondering who’s worse: the MTA, who claims budget woes in order to raise the cost of MetroCards while offering big money for folks to vacate their apartments for Second Avenue subway construction while trying to fire employees who are “on leave” fighting in Afganistan…or Con Ed, who denies us (especially Staten Island) our basic human right to power in times of oppressive heat or body-numbing cold? Do we hate the hypocrite, or the incompetent? Or the incompetent hypocrite?

And, are either of these companies worse than, say, BP, who just promised that the leak will be fixed…by July 27, the very day they announce their second-quarter earnings?

Now, if Con Ed tells us the elevator will be working by then, we might believe them.
Let’s take a poll…what do you think?

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