Answers to the Annoying Questions Your Indecisive Friends Will Ask About the First Jelly NYC Pool Party. (Yes, You Can Watch the World Cup!)


On Sunday afternoon, FIFA will crown the 2010 World Cup winner. At that very same time, Jelly NYC will be hosting its first Pool Party of 2010. To immerse yourself locally in the World Cup final experience, all you need is a football-friendly liquor-licensed establishment, a large-screen TV, and the determination to secure a barstool by noon. To participate in this weekend’s Jelly NYC Pool Party, all you need is a KFC Double Down sandwich, a Borat thong, and a bottle of chafing lube. But — fake suspense — that’s not all. In order to prepare adequately for this weekend’s Williamsburg Waterfront free show, here are a few other things you should know:

  • The bill, once again, is Why?, Fang Island, Pictureplanes, and Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof covering Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. [Update: DJs will be Dre Skull and Jubilee.]
  • Doors are at 2 p.m.
  • As always, Jelly NYC advises you to get there before they open.
  • But what about the World Cup conflict? In an attempt to avoid an unruly influx of drunk soccer fans choking the area after the fat Vuvuzela sings, Jelly NYC is hoping to will screen the World Cup finals down by the water. The official word on this will come later today. It’s official.
  • Yes, there will be beer sold on site.
  • To purchase or to consume this alcohol, you will again have to remain in the Beer Garden, a barricaded playpen for daytime drunks.
  • The Pool Parties Beer Garden is actually bigger this year than last. “We fought for a bigger beer garden area last summer, but to no avail,” e-mails Jelly NYC’s Alexander Kane. But this year, Jelly NYC is no longer in charge of concessions; suddenly the Beer Garden is bigger. Chuck Schumer, please explain.
  • The East River Park will be closed off on Sunday morning around 8 a.m., though it’s possible there will be a patch of grass left for antisocial sunbathers and hungover horizontals. That also remains to be determined.
  • Unlike last year’s Pool Parties, the stage will face the water, just like it did for Faith No More.
  • Lastly, Kane insists, “Leave your attitude at home, don’t come with a half-shaved chest looking like a guido, and don’t bring money to pay for a ticket, because as always, Jelly’s Pool Parties are free and created for the best neighborhood/community in the world!!!”Exclamation points his. Also, if you scream “Down in front!,” the guy who turns around will probably be Rob.