Dave Tompkins Salutes Rammellzee: “I Will Miss Our Annual Halloween Phone Calls”


Our love for both hip-hop scribe Dave Tompkins (read our “mega q&a” regarding his essential new vocoder-history book How to Wreck a Nice Beach here) and rap/street-art icon Rammellzee (read our obit, following his death a few weeks back, here), so the former’s tribute to the latter is essential reading, the perfect combination of poignant and bewildering. Tough to pick a favorite line from stuff like “Men from Zurich challenged Rammel to a transversal alphabet drag race using letters on zip wires” or “Rammellzee once showed me a Polaroid of Rip Cord Rex wielding a leaf-blower under a strobe light. He was wearing a kimono.” But to sum it all up, this might be it: “You have no idea what’s going on, but just go with it, with the understanding that it may not bring you back in one piece, if ever, but if you worry about such things, then you’re probably in the wrong place.”